Damper Drive and Electric Actuator Applications

Beck electric actuator products have earned a reputation in the process industries for precision, reliability, and low maintenance durability over decades of service. Customers use Beck electric actuator products for a vast array of applications to meet their process control needs. Several of the more commonly equipped applications are listed below with Beck electric actuator product selections for your reference.




Model 22-309
Rotary Damper Actuator
Damper Drive

Industrial Valves

Rotary Control Valve
equipped with Model 11-160
Electric Actuator on Rotary Control Valve

Fluid Drives /
Variable Speed Couplings

Fluid Coupling equipped
with Model 11-200
Damper drive model 11-200 on a fluid coupling

Beck rotary damper drives and damper actuators are utilized on a multitude of damper applications to improve process control. Common applications include louvers, butterflies, and radial inlet vanes on ID fans, FD fans, primary air, windboxes, overfire air, coal mills, and many other control dampers.


The Group 11 product line is often found on low to medium torque applications (20 lb-ft to 5,200 lb-ft). Group 22 products are utilized for high torque applications (3,000 lb-ft to 8,000 lb-ft), and Group 31 compact rotary actuators are utilized on low torque applications (15 lb-ft to 30 lb-ft).

Control loop performance is only as good as the performance of the control valve. It is a well-documented fact that many industrial control loops function poorly as a result of valve actuation problems. Beck valve actuators eliminate the problems caused by both pneumatic and typical electric actuators, and maximize potential of control systems.


Group 11 Quarter-Turn Rotary Actuators are suitable for most rotary valve applications. For smaller valves with low torque requirements, Group 31 Compact Valve Actuators may be more suited for your application. Rotary valve applications include almost any ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves.


The Group 29 and Group 14 Linear Valve actuators are a great fit for most globe valve applications. These units can be mounted in any orientation and provide superior performance in the harshest conditions.



Beck Group 11 drives are ideal for use with variable speed fluid drives and variable speed couplings on pumps and fans. They provide exceptional stability and repeatability under live loads.


These features deliver the precise positioning ability essential for optimum performance. You can contact Beck for assistance in selecting the appropriate drive for your application or download the bulletin for basic drive sizing charts.

Gate Dampers

A multi-revolution Group 11 drive is available for those applications in which a gravity-type gate must be raised or lowered in response to signal changes. Often used to regulate differential pressure by controlling balancing dampers on the hot exhaust side of furnaces, Beck damper drives provide high accuracy and quick response even when continuously modulating. This results in greater fuel economy and longer refractory life. Contact the factory for additional details on our multi-revolution products.


Burner Registers

Beck’s Group 42 drives are designed to meet the actuation needs of long stroke linear applications. Typical applications include burner air registers and OFA port dampers, but they can be used on any application requiring up to 18 inches of linear stroke. Employing Beck’s unique design characteristics, reliability and quality into a long stroke linear actuator design fills a much requested slot in the Beck family of products. Like all Beck drives, the Group 42 is designed for simple installation, no duty cycle limitations, excellent performance and little or no required maintenance.




Burner Tilts

For modulating large dynamic loads such as multiple burner tilt arrays, Beck Group 11 drives provide up to 5,200 lb-ft of torque. Exceptionally stable, Beck drives provide repeatable positioning control for maximum boiler efficiency. The most common rotary actuator models utilized for these applications are model 11-400 and model 11-430.


Hazardous Locations

If your application requirements include a hazardous location rating, Beck has adapted its proven Group 11, Group 11 Quarter-Turn, Group 31 compact rotary valve actuator, and Group 42 long-stroke linear actuator product lines to suit many hazardous location requirements. Also available for linear valve applications is our Group 29 product line designed with the intent of use in hazardous location areas.


Industrial Steam Boilers

Whether a boiler is large or small, subject to severe load swings or base-loaded, Beck damper drives provide the best possible valve and damper control. The consistent and efficient control over time helps to meet emissions regulations, reduce costs, and avoid costly trips and outages. Weather, dust, dirt, and temperature conditions (-40 to 185 F on most drives) do not affect performance.


Damper applications utilize Group 11 and Group 22 drives for louvers, butterflies, and radial inlet vanes on ID fans, FD fans, primary air, windboxes, overfire air, coal mills, and many other control dampers. Valve Applications utilize Group 11 Quarter-Turn Rotary Actuators for many rotary applications and Group 29 or Group 14 for linear valve actuation.


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